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Daniel Séguin

Composer, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Creative Producer

Over the last five years Daniel Séguin has been the video editor and sound designer for more than forty short video documentaries created in collaboration with communities in the Northwest Territories. He has taught media classes with high school students and given one-on-one tutorials to young documentary producers.

Daniel has played a key role in the development of our exhibition about the Berger Inquiry, Thunder in Our Voices. His current production, entitled Dehcho: A Musical Journey along the Mackenzie River, includes Dene drumming with the Liidlii Kue Drummer and Gwich’in fiddling with Michael Francis. He has edited video workshops with northern musicians so that lessons in traditional music can be taught in northern schools.

Born in Ottawa, composer Daniel Séguin is a versatile musical talent. A winner of two Gemini Awards and three Leo Awards, along with seven other nominations, he has established himself as one of the top composers in the business.