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Drew Ann Wake

Currator, Media Designer, Creative Producer

Drew Ann Wake is a film maker and new media artist who began her career with CBC North and the National Film Board in Yellowknife, NWT. She covered the Berger Inquiry from 1975-77 and then worked on the independent documentary, The Inquiry Film, which won the Canadian Film Festival award for Best Documentary.

Since 1983, she has created twenty interactive new media productions which have been installed in museums and art galleries in Europe, the US and Canada. She won the Financial Post/Apple Canada Award for Best Interactive Production for Mine Games. Her interactive production on environmental issues, Double Wedding, was runner-up for the Princes Award from the Crown Princes of Denmark and Spain.

In 2000, Drew Ann produced an interactive drama on Internet safety, Missing, which won a Smithsonian ComputerWorld award. It has been played by 25,000,000 students in ten countries around the world.

For a recent project, Thunder in our Voices, Drew Ann travelled to schools along the Mackenzie River where she taught audio and video skills to high school students. The Thunder exhibition, which has toured in fifty-five galleries in Canada and the United States, includes twenty of these films.

Drew Ann has also worked as a museum designer, developing exhibitions in Canada as well as the US, England, the Netherlands, Austria and China. She is currently working on the River Journeys exhibition with the Fort Simpson Historical Centre.